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How do I use QNAP Cloud Installation?

Cloud Installation enables you to locate your NAS during the initial setup without having to connect to the same network and install software.
To locate your device using the Cloud Installation website, first connect the device to the Internet. When connected, the device sends its MAC address, LAN and WAN IP addresses, and other information to myQNAPcloud.
After the initial setup is completed, type the Cloud Key and then click "Enter". The Cloud Installation service automatically determines the most suitable method to connect to the device. LAN connections are always prioritized over WAN connections. If both LAN and WAN connections are unsuccessful, the Cloud Installation service will attempt to connect through the relay server.
Once connected, sign in to your QNAP ID and then assign a name to the device. If you do not have a QNAP ID, create one here.
Follow the rest of the instructions to set up your device.