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Will the QTS SSL Certificate app renew my Let's Encrypt SSL certificate automatically before it expires?

Yes. If you check the "auto renew" option when you apply for a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, then the certificate will be automatically renewed when it is close to its expiry date. You can also change the auto-renewal setting of an existing certificate using the QTS SSL Certificate app
Auto-renewal works as follows:
1. 30 days before a certificate expires, the QTS SSL Certificate app will try to renew the certificate.
2. To confirm that you still control the domain, Let's Encrypt will send a challenge request to myQNAPcloud DNS server.
3. If myQNAPcloud's DNS server cannot complete the challenge request, then the QTS SSL Certificate app will start other challenge methods using port 80 or 443.
4. The certificate will be downloaded to your device once the challenge request is complete.
5. The Web Server will be restarted after the new certificate is applied.

Notes: Renewing a certificate using port 443 first requires a new self-signed certificate to be generated. The web server will then be restarted, after the self-signed certificate is generated. This is normal behaviour.