myQNAPcloud Security Disclaimer
Security and privacy are the top concerns for the myQNAPcloud service. We strive to protect your information and ensure service availability not only by means of technology but also through people and process. The below is a summary of the most important security highlights of the myQNAPcloud service.
Protected Data Transfer
The protocol used by the myQNAPcloud service is SSL/TLS, and so, all data transferred is encrypted with AES. The same protocol is adopted as the standard for online transactions or banking. It provides authentication and protection against eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery.
Your account and device information can only be accessed after your myQNAPcloud user account (QID) is authenticated. In addition, before a user can access files on the device or manage the device via CloudLink, that user is required to enter correct credentials for the device, even if that user has signed in his or her myQNAPcloud account. This enforces two-step authentication for stronger security.
Granular Security Control
We offer extensive services for remote access to your device and also provide mechanisms for you to control the services that are set to be made accessible or disabled, according to your network environments and security requirements. The granular control allows you to comply with the principle of least privilege.
World-class Operation
We run myQNAPcloud services on world-class data centers that provide excellent network connectivity and robust facilities. The services are hosted on redundant servers with the scale-out capability. Important data is replicated in real time and periodically backed up. We also deploy continuous service monitoring and log analysis systems, and so, any service degradation can be detected and recovered in a timely fashion.